I.U. Graduation 2016 will be held during the
FOFMI World Convention on
Friday, November 11th.
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Note:Due March1 &October 1

(Based on your Graduation Date )

Student responsible for completing application on time.

Pay Graduation Fees Below.


Interfaith University offers Two Public Graduations each Year in April & November!


Interfaith University general holds a yearly convention that includes a very vivid, formal, Public Graduation Ceremony. Interfaith University students from all over are welcome to participate in these exercises. These ceremonies are important as this is where we officially confer degrees upon those who have earned them. Public Graduation Ceremonies are free to graduates. Travel, room and board as well as food is at the expense of the graduate.  Times will be announced throughout the year.  You may also contact the administrative offices to get this information.

Students may arrange a Private Graduation Ceremony at their local Church or some other public facility. During these ceremonies graduates get to address the audience in a brief Official Sermon. Graduates will also have their credentials conferred upon them by Interfaith University faculty and staff in the midst of the people that they want to be there, since they will gather and invite the guests. The Private Graduation Ceremony costs a minimal fee, as well as, accommodations for Interfaith  University faculty and staff members who attend to assist in the ceremony. Contact your Advisor for details. An application for graduation must be completed and returned to the Interfaith University Office by set deadlines with all fees paid in order to participate in any Interfaith University Graduation Ceremony.

Once I graduate then what?

This would be answered best by having a strong sense of God’s direction for your life, which Interfaith University is designed to help you to gain.  However we do have an alumni association called Friends of Faith Ministries International.  This association is made up of graduates, friends and partners.  This will give you an opportunity to continue to fellowship with other students and to support ongoing school projects.  We also expect that students will interact by inviting one another to attend and on occasion even speak at events that they are holding.  The alumni association is a fellowship and continual Christian education medium.

Fees and expenses are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. Many schools charge enormous fees ranging from $10,000 - $50,000 and above. We have decided here at Interfaith University to make Christian Education affordable and payable.  While completing the Online Application process, you will find a secured payment link to click on to pay for all of your school fees in advance. We also provide a College Fund Development plan, a 6 Month Same-As-Cash (6 month no interest) Plan through PayPal Credit and Work-Study options.  When registering, you are to indicate which payment options you will be using: Paypal, Credit Card, Paypal Credit, Work-Study.   As a part of the Work-Study option, we offer an additional 20% discount (up to 80% off of remaining balance) to I.U. Approved Students Recruiters for every three students, who upon becoming Official Registered Students have paid their school fees.  For example: If John registers for school and after paying for his school fees still has a $2,000.00 balance; and he recruits 4 students who register for Interfaith University and pay off their school fees, he will receive 20% of tution ($500.00) off of his balance per student.  Five hundred dollars multiplied by 4 students would equal $2000.00, which would cover his remaining school balance.

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All remaining fees must be paid by March 1st or October 1st depending on student expected graduation month.