Fees and expenses are non-refundable unless otherwise stated.

Many schools charge enormous fees ranging from $10,000 - $50,000 and above.  Here at Interfaith University, we have decided to make Christian Education affordable and payable.  While completing the online application process, you will find a secured payment link that will allow you to pay for all of your school fees in advance.  We also provide a College Fund Development Plan which is a 6 Month Same-As-Cash (6 months no interest) Plan provided through PayPal Credit and Work-Study options.  When registering, simply indicate which payment option(s) you will be using: Paypal, Paypal Credit, Credit Card, Work-Study.

As a part of the Work-Study option, we offer an additional 20% discount (up to 80% off of your remaining balance) to I.U. Approved Student Recruiters who recruit at least three (3) students who, upon becoming Official Registered Students, have paid their school fees.  For example:  If John registers for school and, after paying his fees, still has a $2,000 balance, if he recruits four (4) students who register for Interfaith University and completely pay off their school fees, he will receive 20% off of his tuition for every student that he recruited.  That's $500 per student.  $500 multiplied by four (4) students is $2,000.  John essentially paid off his remaining balance by simply sharing the blessing of Interfaith University with others!