Corporate Giving

Partnerships with various corporations, large and small, have helped to sustain Interfaith University's education, research, and scholarship programs.  Contributing to I.U. has many benefits beyond the act of goodwill itself.

It gives business owners an opportunity to embed themselves in the business community and network with other donors.

And, of course, there are tax deduction benefits. Charitable contributions can qualify as tax deductions against your business’ annual tax liability.

Donations can include cash, volunteered services, sponsorship of Interfaith University events, or the donation of inventory.  All are forms of charitable giving.


Other Benefits of Donating to Interfaith University from Your Business

  • Studies show that  63 percent of millennial women and 45 percent of millennial men stated that a company’s support of charitable causes influenced their decision to accept a job offer.  This means  you have a better likelihood of attracting the type of candidates you want working for you if you offer opportunities for volunteering and charitable giving.

  • Sponsoring an Interfaith University event and volunteering your business’ time are great ways to support faith-based education and also promote your business in partnership with Interfaith University.
  • Giving back to organizations like Interfaith University that improve our communities will help your company build stronger relationships with your existing customers – and gain new ones.  A 2010 study by Cones Communication revealed that 85% of consumers have a better outlook on businesses that donate to a cause or organization that they care about.