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Interfaith University is a faith-based educational institution that assists its students with career and character development.  Let our I.U.  representatives tell you more about how You can take part in furthering the scholastic, vocational, and spiritual excellence of people all over the World!

To watch Will of God The Movie please watch video at the Top of this video featuring Roz!

Free Scholarship to Bible College from Eternal Friends TV on Vimeo.

Will of God is set to be one of the most riveting exciting compilations of Biblical Monologues to date. Each of the 61 characters that we anticipate portraying will feature a script and performance that is intended to ignite spirit, soul and body in a blaze of excitement, entertainment and most of all praise unto God! Portion of proceeds will Go to Assist Interfaith University Scholarship Fund!

So, what is the very best gift you can give today- $10, $20, $50, $100, $1000, $5000?  Maybe you're in a position to do more. Whatever your best is today, give it without reservation, knowing that your seed is going to better someone else's life.  The more that you do, the more we can do to assist students who desire to pursue a faith-based education.  And in exchange for your support, you get a special gift from us today- 

FREE showing of A Brand New Family Friendly Movie,

Will of God-The Movie, as well as a FREE Tuition Paid Scholarship Opportunity.

And remember, a portion of every gift that is received supports our outreach to the homeless, Humanity Magazine.

Thank you so much for your decision to further
faith-based education! 


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